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Alexander Henry - Please Be True

A. Please Be True
b. Version
€9.47 €7.89

Alton Ellis - Hurting Me

A. Hurting Me
B. Version

Alton Ellis - Remember That Sunday / Sunday Gravy

Side A. Remember That Sunday
Side B. Sunday Gravy

Cornel Campbell - Star / Richie Stephens - True Beliver

A. Star - Cornel Campbell
B. True Beliver - Richie Stephens
€6.31 €5.52


€12.63 €11.84

Don Carlos-Favorite Cup / Version

Side A. Favorite Cup
Side B. Version
€7.10 €6.31

Enforcer - Pearl

A. Pearl
B. Version
€7.10 €6.31

Errol Dunkley - Dont Make Me Over / Little Green Apple

A. Don't Make Me Over
B. Little Green Apple

Lovers Bash - Penthouse / Various Artists

Classic Lovers Rock - Various Artists
€9.47 €8.68

Mikey Spice - Walk The Streets

A. Walk The Streets
B. Version
€7.10 €5.52

Tony Brevette - She Is Not Just a Woman

A. She Is Not Just A Woman
B. Vesrion
€6.31 €5.52

Tony Brevette - shine On

A. Shine On
B. Version
€8.68 €7.89

Alton Ellis - Breaking Up / Why Did You Leave

A. Breaking Up
B. Why Did You Leave

Alexander Henry - Please Be True

A. Please Be True
b. Version
€9.47 €7.89
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The new KingPuttRecords store is open now! We are very excited to offer our customers a new range of products and services. We will be constantly adding to our range, so please, register on our site now, this will enable you to keep up to date with any new products and services.
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